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Telephone: 01248 430132

Jen from Blue Hut Treatments

Sports, Remedial & Holistic Massage at The Outbuildings

Blue Hut Treatments is an innovative holistic and clinical therapy studio, based at The Outbuildings in Llangaffo. The studio is housed in a converted shepherd's hut surrounded by the Anglesey countryside with views of the Welsh mountains. Jen, our therapist trained in Oxford and qualified with a Level 5 diploma in Clinical Sports & Remedial massage. Following this she gained a BSc Hons degree in Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation in Bristol. Jen's wide range of skills and experience in sporting, remedial and holistic settings will undoubtedly meet the needs of all clients, new and existing, mature and young.

Massage helps the body to relax, prompting a deep sense of well-being whilst stimulating the circulation, immune and lymphatic systems. This benefits the emotional as well as the physical elements of ourselves. Your skin and areas massaged will appear revitalised and feel softer.

Sports Injury and Remedial treatments aim to individually examine and diagnose the issue(s). The treatment will entail a variety of modalities including electrotherapy, cryo-/thermo-therapy, manual therapy and taping, depending on your needs.

Blue Hut Treatments is open to residents and non-residents.

Treatments available

Full Body Massage: 55 minutes £36

A complete massage including the feet, hands, arms, face and scalp. Similar to a yoga session, this treatment will leave every part of your body feeling serene. *If necessary, please specify any parts of the body you would prefer not to have treated when completing the pre-massage documentation.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage: 40 minutes £30 / 25 minutes £25

A popular massage that concentrates on the most common areas affected by stress. This massage will leave your neck and shoulders feelings stress free. The lightly scented aromas aim to remain throughout the rest of your day to elongate the benefits of this therapeutic massage.

Hand & Arm Massage: 25 minutes £20

This is a fantastic treat for those with a job that’s physically demanding for the upper limbs. Whether you experience aches and pains or general wear and tear in the hands and wrist, this massage is for you. Give the areas that you neglect the most and depend on the most a special treat.

Foot & Lower Limb Massage: 25 minutes £20

Standing on your feet all day? This massage will find those sore spots and ease the pressure points, relieve tension and increase your ankle movement. As long as you are not ticklish you will feel super calm, comforted and even sleepy within minutes. The deep pressure along the foot and relaxing strokes along the calves and thighs will leave your legs feeling lighter than life!

Sports & Remedial Massage: 1st session 85 minutes £40, thereafter 55 minutes £36

Are you an extreme adventurist, sports lover or a believer of no pain no gain? This treatment is perfect for you, your body will receive a much needed MOT.  The treatment focuses on areas that need attention using a deep tissue massage, neuromuscular trigger pointing, specific soft tissue release and muscular energy techniques. This massage aims to get to the heart of the problem, releasing those knots and restore your ultimate muscular performance potential. Be warned, this massage works at a very deep level and may leave you feeling like you have a cold for 24-48 hours, however, the long term benefits are worth it!

However luxurious this may sound, if you are looking for an individually tailored clinical assessment and treatment for an injury or on-going symptoms please contact Jen directly via phone or email.

To fully experience The Outbuildings it is advisable to arrive 10 minutes early. You will have the opportunity to remove yourself from the day to day stresses by relaxing in The Outbuildings' sitting room, perhaps have a beverage whilst completing a short questionnaire. You will then be met by your therapist who will take you to the Blue Hut.

Gift Vouchers

A Blue Hut Treatments' gift voucher is a great gift - whether you are treating a loved one during your stay here, or live locally.


Please phone to book your appointment with your name, telephone number and address before visiting The Outbuildings. Timings are subject to availability. You will be informed of the amount when you are booking.


It is important that you contact Jenny via the email address or telephone number provided below before visiting The Outbuildngs as she may not be available upon unknown arrival.


You may book a treatment with your room booking or ask a member of staff and they will book it for you.

For holistic massage please book your appointments via the email address or telephone provided below.
If you are looking for Sports Injury and Remedial treatments for a pathology please contact Jen via the telephone to ensure that her services are appropriate. Why not combine your visit to The Outbuildings with a light lunch or afternoon tea? 

Tel: 07881 245 669 e-mail:


Payment is expected during your treatment either by card or cash.


You may cancel your appointment up to 12 hours prior to your booking, free of charge. However, if you cancel beyond this point you will automatically be charged 50%. 


"Jenny has been treating myself and my husband for almost two years.  I had severe achillies tendonitis in both my righ and left ankle and my husband has reoccurring hip problems.  Jenny's treatment has been invaluable in allowing me to continue playing county tennis and club hockey and my husband to continue playing football.  Jenny is extremely thorough and knowledgeable and committed to identifying and treating the problem.  I have already recommended Jenny to several friends and colleagues and wouldn't hesitate to do so again" Chris & Steph Ward

"I'll remember 2014.  It's been the first year by fitness grew without breakdown.  It's the first year I started getting treatment from Jenny, and it's the first year I go to the World Duathlon Champs in Spain for GB.  I guess my my loss with her relocation to Anglesey is going to be someone else's gain!  You should make sure that someone is you" Alex Fife, GB AG Duathlete

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