A Foodie Chat with Wayne our Chef

We caught up with our chef Wayne over a panad to discuss how things are going in the new kitchen.
“It’s been so busy over the last few weeks, we’ve had event after event and I genuinely think that the new ovens have barely been turned off since the kitchen was completed! It’s such a great space to work in. Rhod and I are in our element. We spent so much time deliberating over what kit we would need in the early planning stages that it’s great to feel like we made the right choices. It makes the whole experience of being in the kitchen a pleasure. We’re experimenting all the time and we hope that is reflected in what we can offer diners. It’s great being open 7 nights a week and the feedback we’ve received so far has been excellent.
Something we both really look forward to is preparing the menus for the Feast Nights and Supper Clubs. The Feast nights are really exciting to work on. It’s a chance to showcase our skills to a whole room full of diners. The nature of a Feast Night means that everyone has the chance to taste all the dishes, rather than having to pick from a menu. Diners can experience things that they may not normally go for or stick to options that they know and love. There’s always a great atmosphere and it’s very relaxed. Those attending are keen to have fun, especially as the Feast Nights are held on a Friday night, the start of the weekend. The fact that we “theme” the nights and publish the menus in advance means that people get excited before they even see the food. When all the dishes are spread out across the tables, it’s really satisfying to see people getting “stuck in.”
The next Feast Night should be a good one. We’re working on the dishes for The Royal Feast on the 18th May, the night before Harry and Meghan’s wedding. There is a real buzz about the wedding and this should make for a great evening in The Outbuildings. To be honest, even if you aren’t interested in the wedding, the menu we’re offering is one that shouldn’t be missed. It also a great time of year. The evenings are light and hopefully getting warmer. We open the doors for people to have a drink outside on the terrace. Diners have even been known to turn up for a set of tennis before their meal!
We also work hard on the monthly Supper Club menus. We hold this on a Wednesday night, which is known locally as “Nos Sadwrn Bach” which means “Little Saturday Night.” We only charge diners £20 to experience three carefully thought out, seasonal dishes. The quality of the dishes would cost you considerably more elsewhere, but we keep the costs down. We find that groups of friends and couples who have busy weekends with children find the time to see each other mid-week, when other halves can babysit. We start to serve from 7pm onwards and often cater for children who like to dine out with their parents. We often have people who come to dine on their own and often end up joining a table of other diners. Sometimes it’s because partners are away working, and they can’t be bothered cooking for themselves! It’s a real mix of all ages and, once again, it’s very relaxed.
We’re working hard on the kitchen garden now and we’re creating dishes that will maximise on our home-grown ingredients. We just need to see how successful we are at growing the different vegetables first! It may be a case or trial and error to begin with! You’ll have to bear with us!”
We work on pre-bookings only and are always happy to chat to diners wishing to make a booking about any aspect of our menus. Call us on 01248 430132 or by e-mail: info@theoutbuildings.co.uk. Alternatively, you can book online, just click on the forthcoming Feast Night or Supper Club you would like to attend below. Please also let us know of any specific dietary requirements at the time of booking so that we can cater for them.